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5 Baseball Activities to Do with Mom This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate our number one fan. Even though we can't take Mom out to a restaurant this Mother's Day, there are still baseball-related activities to show your love.

Watch your mom's favorite baseball movie

Chances are, your mom has her own favorite baseball movie. Sit down with some popcorn and watch it with her. Need suggestions? Check out our Top 10 Baseball Movies of All Time.

Take her on a virtual stadium tour

Almost every stadium has a virtual tour. While the season is on pause, take the time to see how many you can visit in a day and be sure to let us know your favorite in the comments!

Recreate your favorite ballpark food

This video from Major League Chefs shows you how to make the classic Ballpark Soft Pretzel. Try different shapes and dipping sauces while you spend some time in the kitchen with your mom.

Work on a baseball craft

Pinterest has millions of baseball crafts just waiting to be made. Pick your favorite and get creative next weekend!

Teach her to Play MLB The Show

If your mom is always telling you to stop spending so much time playing video games, teach her to play with you. Now you can both spend time together while playing the game you love!

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