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Happy Father's Day

Baseball is so much more than a game.  It's a way to connect with the people you love.  A common bond that creates deep and meaningful connections, experiences, and memories.

My dad and I have always had a special bond through baseball. There is not a time in my life that I can recall, that baseball wasn't a huge part.   To this day it is something that we love to share together. My Dad was always there.  He is my biggest fan.

At a young age, my dad taught me how to play baseball. We spent countless hours in the yard playing catch.  I vividly remember my Dad throwing me baseballs on the front lawn.  I would dive and catch them, and as a young kid, had the ability and desire to do this for hours on end.  My Dad was always there.  He is my biggest fan.

I joined a T-ball team. My love for baseball began to take a competitive form, and I lived for all that the game brought me.  Through school, and life's ups and downs, baseball was a constant that I could count on.  My Dad was always there.  He is my biggest fan.

The best Fathers day gift best baseball gift for dads

I played baseball consistently growing up.  It was my passion and my purpose.  I chose and wore #9, the same number that my Dad wore, and had his nickname, "Shap", added to the back of my jersey.  Through this connection, I felt his love and support with me in every at bat, during every inning, win or lose.  My Dad was always there.  He is my biggest fan.

As I grew older, our bond continued to grow stronger. In 2006, he took me to San Francisco and I got to see the Yankees play the Giants.  This trip was one of the highlights of my childhood, one of my happiest memories.  We were a father and son, sharing a love for baseball, escaping everything except the game. My Dad was always there.  He is my biggest fan.

The Best Baseball Gift for Dad Best Baseball Gift

The San Francisco trip that my Dad took me on was such a special moment of my life, that I decided to surprise him with a similar trip a few years ago. We flew out to San Francisco, and got to catch a game at Oracle Park.  We even had the chance to get on the field for some activities.  We were able to hang out with some players, and get some great pictures with Chase d’Arnaud! This trip was a great full circle moment for me, to be able to interact with my Dad as an adult, and create more great memories involving baseball.  

Best Baseball Gift for dad Best Fathers Day Gift

I was able to turn my love for baseball into a career that I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning to do. I am lucky enough to own and operate Baseball Lifestyle, and I am thankful everyday for what this sport has given to me. 

This Father's Day, if you're lucky enough to have the chance, let your Dad know how much he meant to you.  In whatever capacity, and with whatever language you guys speak to each other.  Your Dad is your biggest fan, and he will always be there!

If you’re looking for a great baseball gift to give your Dad this Father’s Day, my Dad gave me a list of some of his favorite items from Baseball Lifestyle!

Best Fathers Day Gift Best Baseball Gift for Dad

The Buzz the Tower hat is a timeless baseball hat that completes the look of any outfit.  Whether you are tossing a ball around, getting in some batting practice, headed to the beach or the mall, the Buzz the Tower hat will definitely improve your outfit and let the world know how much you love baseball!

 Best Fathers Day Gift Best baseball GiftBest Fathers Day Gift Best Baseball Gift


The USA logo tee, or the Origin tee are both great additions to your wardrobe.  These baseball t-shirts are both great baseball gifts to give to your Dad if you still need to find the best Father’s Day Gift for a baseball fan! 

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