#TopTheTurnBros October Challenge | "Knocktober"

#TopTheTurnBros October Challenge | "Knocktober"

Can you #TopTheTurnBros? Complete the challenge to be entered to win a $150 gift card to bl101.com.

This months #TopTheTurnBros challenge is called "Knocktober". You only need three things to complete the challenge: a baseball, water bottle & a costume.

Watch the video below for full details...


Are you going to win $150 to bl101.com this month?

Make sure you follow these rules:

  • You must post a single clip of the challenge on IG
  • Use the hashtag #TopTheTurnBros
  • Tag @TheTurnBros and @Baseball_Lifestyle101 in the description
  • A winner will be selected at the end of each month and granted $150 based on how well they accomplish the challenge
  • If you do not win, your clip still has a chance to be posted throughout the month on Baseball Lifestyle 101's IG to over 530k people

Check out last months winner: 



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