Max Clark featured athlete for BL101, 2024 featured athlete for BL101

Max Clark Named Baseball Lifestyle 101's Featured Athlete for 2024

Max Clark, Time to Shine, BL101

New York

In 2022, Baseball Lifestyle signed our first professional athlete to be our featured athlete of the year. As 2024 opens we are thrilled to unveil an exciting new player to add to the BL101 family (formally). It is with immense pride and excitement that we announce Max Clark as our featured athlete for 2024!Max Clark, Bl101 featured athlete

In the world of baseball, where talent, passion, and style converge, Max Clark has proven to stand above and apart, embodying the essence of what it means to live the baseball lifestyle to the fullest. From his play on the field to his style, fashion and hobbies off of it, Max has lead a new generation in defining what living a Baseball Lifestyle is all about.

“In 2023 we are preparing to launch our largest collection ever at the time, or BSBL SZN collection” says Co-Founder Bill Rom. “When we were discussing what would take everything to another level in our marketing and how we wanted the product to be remembered, we thought of Max.”

“Max has been wearing BL since he was 11 years old, and as he was becoming the face of high school baseball, we knew he was the perfect fit for what we wanted in a player as a featured athlete” says Founder Josh Shapiro.

As we feature Max Clark throughout 2024, our community can look forward to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the moments that define him as a true baseball player. From custom jewelry to clothing, music, lifestyle and more.

Max Clark MLB, Max Clark baseball, BL101

“Kicking off 2024 with Max is exactly how we want to start off the year, loud, aggressive and defining the current trends in Baseball, just like Max and Baseball Lifestyle have always done. At BL we have been leading in fashion and content and want to continue with both of these things with Max for 2024 and beyond”

As the featured athlete for BL101, Max will be doing some exclusive content, rocking BL101 off the field, and most importantly, dropping an exclusive clothing line together with Baseball Lifestyle.

From Josh, “When designing this collection, Max wanted to go to the minimalist streetwear style that is currently on trend around the world. We took that and developed some new ground breaking product styles and cuts that we have never done before, while also launching in styles and colorways that fit Max and some of our best collections of 2023”

Max Clark, BL101 featured athlete

As always, Baseball Lifestyle 101 wants to let ballplayers and fans around the world dress stylishly while also repping the game that is so important to them. With Max Clark, the hope is to continue to provide the best in the world content and clothing that BL101 has become known for while partnering with the next generation of baseball fans.

Get ready for a 2024 that will change the game!

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Baseball Lifestyle, Max Clark Featured Athlete


Max Clark has all of the tools personally and to be highly successful beyond where he’s even at now. I took my son and daughter to his last high school baseball game. He was by far the best at everything. A true outlier. Can’t wait to watch to see what he ascends to!!!

Jason Harrison

The gun is on the boy. Pressure is a strange gas. Hit it head on with patience and respect. Good luck⚾️ 🔥

Mike Barnes

You need to make stuff in 4XL

James Connor

We are from Ohio. With Max being from Indiana our now 9 year old son started watching and following Max when he was playing for Phils scout team and is very excited for this drop!

Tyler Smith

This is awesome and as a baseball mom I absolutely love that you are recognizing this young man’s talents and dedication to the sport. My kiddo is 11 and wearing BL101. We will keep getting your 🔥 baseball clothing and visualize him as one of your nominated players a few years from now lol, not pressuring our kiddo like that, JK. But having a goal in sight and loving the game, always, and working hard with inspiring stories like these, is so very good to see for the younger ballers. Thanks BL101 we love you guys!!


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