Our Story

When Josh Shapiro was 15 years old, he wanted to be a professional baseball player. More specifically, he wanted to be a shortstop for the New York Yankees, like his idol, Derek Jeter. In many ways, that’s where this story begins.

To say that Josh was a baseball fan would be grossly understating what would more accurately be described as obsessed with baseball.

When he wasn’t on the field or watching games on television, Josh was thinking about baseball - he was reading articles on ESPN and scrolling through social media looking at pictures and videos of the sport he loved.

One day, Josh did something different - he created an Instagram account strictly to talk about baseball. On March 13th 2013, Baseball Lifestyle 101 was born.

As the account grew, Josh began working more with his mentor, and now co-owner, Bill Rom, to improve the account and help it to grow. Messaging companies large and small to find others who were interested in the message BL101 was delivering.

What began as an Instagram account started by a baseball obsessed teenager on his couch, was starting to change into something more - a community.

This community has grown into one of the largest forces in baseball, and the clothing that surrounds it represents the essence of what a day in and day out baseball fanatic is looking for, an expression of their passion, a common tone that unites all baseball fans. It truly has become something special.

In the words of Josh’s father, Marc: “Nancy and I thought it would be a fun way for Josh to learn about business but I knew it was something special when I heard him making deals with guys twice his age”.

The key part in Josh’s journey is that he accomplished these things despite his age, and found a way to take his passion for baseball and continue it beyond the end of his playing career.

Today, Baseball Lifestyle has nearly 10 employees and a number of partners spread throughout the country that fit into the community that Baseball Lifestyle was always trying to create. This family at BL101 and the community that they get to represent every day pushes Baseball Lifestyle higher and higher.

As Bill says “We aren’t only a Baseball Lifestyle apparel company. We are a group of people whose lives are ingrained in baseball, and bleed that passion into our work and lives every day. Our mission is to provide baseball fans not only great t-shirts and clothing, but a chance to connect with the ever growing community throughout the country. Whether you are an 11 year old, or a 10 year MLB veteran, if you are living a Baseball Lifestyle, then you are our family too.”

While the journey at Baseball Lifestyle has just begun, the future is where we are most excited, and the chance to have you along with us will forever motivate us to continue doing work that matters for the people who support us.

Josh Shapiro // CEO & Founder