BL101 Athletes

BL101 Athlete Program

Who we are

The BL101 Athlete Program is for ballplayers and baseball influencers alike who want to spread the love of the game on and off the field.

What you get

Free Product & Exclusive Discounts

VIP Early Access to Product Launches

Exposure to BL101 Network

Chance to Earn Commission

How it works


Apply to the Athlete Program by clicking the button below. If you're accepted, we will notify you by email within two weeks


Wear your new BL101 Athlete gear in photos and videos for use on social (IG/TikTok/YouTube). Share with your affiliate link.


Earn commission on all sales that come from your affiliate link or discount code. Track sales in your own affiliate portal.


When will I know if I am accepted as a brand ambassador?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response.

Do I need a public social media account to apply?

Yes. You need a public account with at least 1,000 followers to apply.

If I do not get approved, can I apply in the future?

Yes. If you are not approved, you can always apply again in the future.

What are the official rules of the bl101 athlete program?

As a member of the BL101 Athletes’ Program, you agree that you are responsible for, and will follow all relevant laws and policies relating to the use of your name, image, and likeness (NIL). By your participation in the Program, you agree that you will comply with all federal, state, and local laws, NCAA rules, policies, and regulations, and College/University rules, policies, and regulations. BL101 will not use your NIL to endorse any prohibited conduct, such as alcohol use, drug use, gambling, or sports betting, and you agree not to use the BL101 name or BL101 products in any posts or publications containing any prohibited conduct or illegal acts. You also agree to inform BL101 of any change in your status with the School/University and School/University sports team identified on your application. When you send a picture of yourself or tag BL101 in a post or publication, you are confirming that: 1. you have the rights required to use it and to allow BL101 to use it; 2. BL101’s use of it will not violate anyone’s rights; and 3. you are giving BL101 the right to use and post it on any BL101 social media platform, website, or channel.

Are you ready to be a BL101 Athlete?