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Back to School Shopping 2022 Guide

It feels like the Summer is just getting started, but it is already time to start thinking about your Back to School needs (and wants)!  

Hopefully, by now, you’ve built up a pretty good foundation of BL101 gear, but it’s definitely time to add some key things to rotation, especially with a new school year coming up!  

The hottest items in baseball apparel for the upcoming school year are some of our classic items, mixed in with some of our latest drops!  Baseball Lifestyle is fully committed to bringing you the absolute best in baseball apparel and gear!

As far as back-to-school shopping goes, the #1 most important item is the one that will be a part of every outfit you put on for school… your backpack!  

Back to School Shopping: Baseball Seams Backpack

Baseball backpack, baseball stitches, back to school shopping, back to shool backpack

Seams Backpack is one of our most sought after items, every school year and even year round.  This backpack features red baseball stitching across authentic baseball leather. This backpack is durable, and is perfect for your school books, or to use for practice, your laptop or anything else that you might need an awesome baseball backpack for! 

Do not miss the (school) bus on this one, because these will sell out!

Another hot ticket item for back to school needs are our Baseball Lanyards. 

Back to School Shopping: Baseball Lanyards

Baseball Lanyard, back to school shopping, back to school wardrobe

These lanyards are great for your car keys, house keys, or your school ID.  At such a low price, there’s no reason not to buy them all!  There are several different baseball lanyards to choose from, all with a unique style to match your vibe!  Baseball lanyards are the perfect, and most functional baseball accessory for back to school this year! 

Back to School Shopping:T-Shirt Time

Back to school wardrobe, back to school shopping, baseball tee, grippin seams

The Grippin Seams tshirt is a premium quality baseball t shirt that is great for your back to school wardrobe!  Grippin’ seams and chasin’ dreams is the lifestyle that so many baseball players live- making it the best baseball tee for the next school year! 

Back to school shopping, baseball tee, friday night lights

The Night Game tee is another great addition you can make to your wardrobe for back-to-school this year. There’s no better feeling than playing a nighttime baseball game on a warm summer night.  This baseball tee repping that “Friday Night Lights” feel is great for your back-to-school wardrobe. 

Back to School Shopping :Ghost Windbreaker

Ghost windbreaker, baseball jacket, back to school shopping

Warmer weather is here so that heavy baseball hoodie won’t be needed much.  A Ghost Windbreaker is a great back-to-school item because it is perfect for throwing on after a night game or early morning conditioning.  The Ghost Windbreaker can be worn every day, and can easily fold up into your baseball bag so it is always on hand when you need it!

Back to School Shopping: Trucker Hat

Trucker hat, baseball hat, back to school shopping

Full disclosure, many schools don’t technically allow you to wear hats during school hours, so this is definitely something to double-check before you buy this as a staple for your back-to-school wardrobe.  That being said, these classic trucker hats are perfect for covering up a bad hair day, giving a chill vibe, or completing your perfect school outfit! 

And if your school doesn’t allow them, you can still rock one as soon as that last bell rings and you head home for the day!  These Baseball Trucker hats are a great item for your back-to-school bucket list! 

Back to school shopping-

Back to School shopping can be hectic and crazy, which is why Baseball Lifestyle at is the best, and easiest place to get your back-to-school shopping done!  


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