Baseball and Mental Health With Drew Robinson and Josh Shapiro from BL101

Baseball and Mental Health With Josh Shapiro and Drew Robinson

It’s 2022, and although great strides have been made in the field, there is still way too much stigma and embarrassment that is associated with mental health issues. Drew Robinson knows this all too well and is laser-focused on bringing more awareness, acceptance, and assistance to mental health struggles.  

Josh Shapiro, CEO of Baseball Lifestyle 101, an online baseball-themed apparel company, got a chance to talk with Drew Robinson, former Major League Baseball player turned Mental Health Guy. 


Drew Robinson has openly shared his story across many platforms, and Josh getting the chance to talk to him was something he felt was a great way for him to help bring more awareness to Drew’s personal story and mental health as a whole for the baseball world. 

In 2020, in the midst of Covid isolation, and paired with feelings of depression and self-doubt, Drew attempted suicide one night while alone in his home.  Miraculously, Drew survived this moment of crisis and even went on to play baseball again with the Giants’ organization.  

Although his suicide attempt cost him one of his eyes, Drew gained a vision of what his purpose was- the reason that his life was spared. Drew talks about how he had a renewed sense of purpose and wants to be an example.  Make no mistake, in no way does Drew glamorize what happened to him, he just wants taking care of your mental health to be a part of personal maintenance, just like eating right and going to the gym.

Josh and Drew both agree that baseball can take a toll on your mental health. There are as many or more things that go wrong than go right, and at times, that knowledge and realization can be crushing.  With the popularity of social media, and unlimited content and exposure, the pressure to perform can be overwhelming.   If you’re not making your mental health a priority, it is too easy for your emotions to spiral out of control. 

With a goal of playing in the big leagues, a lot of athletes are so goal-oriented, that they never get to enjoy their accomplishments.  Drew would like to see more young athletes enjoy the ride, rather than always thinking about their next goals. If you meet an obstacle, know that it’s just a challenge and that you will come out on the other end, having learned something.  

It is Robinson’s goal to advocate for baseball players' mental health and to create a space where natural emotions can come out and be expressed. Drew is currently working as a mental health advocate in the Giants’ organization and works alongside full-time sports psychologists. 

The Giants’ organization and hopefully soon, all professional sports organizations are making mental health a priority and investing in their players. 

If you or someone that you know is struggling with their mental health or having thoughts of self-harm,  there are many organizations available to help.  Simply text BRAVE to 741741 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.  #EndTheStigma

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