Baseball Lifestyle 101 Accounts & How to Tell What's Real

Baseball Lifestyle 101 Accounts & How to Tell What's Real

Recently, we've been noticing more and more accounts popping up pretending to be Baseball Lifestyle 101 on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. If you've experienced accounts following or direct messaging you to say you have won a giveaway and to enter your credit card information, we can assure you - that is not us.

These fake accounts have become extremely skilled at looking like they're us. If someone messages you claiming to be a part of the Baseball Lifestyle 101 team to tell you about great deals, to become a brand ambassador, or that you won a giveaway, there is a chance they're an imposter. 

While we continue to report these accounts when we see them, there are some things to look out for when interacting with a Baseball Lifestyle account.

What to look for:

Please understand that the official Baseball Lifestyle accounts will NEVER ever:

  • Ask you to send pictures of yourself.

  • Ask you to verify any personal details or credit card information.

  • Offer 'product tester' opportunities.

If you're ever unsure who's contacted you please, please reach out to us, and we'll find out for you. The best way to get in touch is to:

  • Send us an email at to speak with our customer support team

We've also outlined the FULL, official list of Baseball Lifestyle social media (handles included), website and blog accounts further below.

What to Do If You Come Across a Fake Account

At Baseball Lifestyle 101, the safety of our followers and customers is very important to us. If you come across a fake Baseball Lifestyle account on any platform, we ask that you please, please report the account to the social media platforms in question and/or the police if you've provided any personal details and/or images.

They may ask you to send over screenshots of the conversation, or evidence of the account, so make sure to keep a record of these!

We'd also recommend getting in touch with our customer service team by sending us an email to so we can flag the account to our Legal Team to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

Accounts and websites claiming to offer things such as large-scale giveaways or discounts, are NOT regulated by ourselves unless verified on our social platforms, or here at If you have placed an order through a fake BL101 website, we suggest contacting your bank immediately to cancel your payment.


Here you'll find links to the official Baseball Lifestyle store and ALL official BL101 social media accounts:



OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: @baseball_lifestyle101
Josh Shapiro, Founder & CEO: @jshap101





Baseball Lifestyle 101


Baseball Lifestyle 101


Team BL101: @team_bl101




Hi I am a baseball creator who is looking to promote the game. my account on YouTube/TikTok/Instagram is haydenbaseball5. I look to do everything in my pawer to promote baseball lifestyle101 and grow the game of baseball.

Hayden Millen

Hi I am a baseball creator my account on TikTok/Instagram/YouTube is haydenbaseball5. i look to support this brand and promote the game to best I can and will do everything in my pawer to promote the game and this brand.

Hayden Millen

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