Baseball Youth Recap

Baseball Youth Recap

This past August, the Baseball Lifestyle 101 team attended the Baseball Youth All-American Games in Elizabethtown, Kentucky; Reno, Nevada; Round Rock, Texas; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Ocean City, Maryland. 

Elizabethtown, Kentucky

At the Elizabethtown, Kentucky games, Baseball Lifestyle 101 founder & CEO, Josh Shapiro, joined Baseball Youth on the field at the Opening Ceremonies at the University of Louisville, where he was able to meet all of the players of the 2019 Elizabethtown All-American Games. 

The BL101 team also joined the Baseball Youth team at the Louisville Slugger Museum, where we joined two giveaway winners on a VIP Tour of the Museum and Factory. 

Check out the video of our experience in Kentucky below:

Reno, Nevada

In Reno, Nevada, BL101 Content Manager, Kyle Esquerra, met a young Baseball Lifestyle 101 fan who had been asking his parents for a gold stainless bat cross pendant and chain for over two years. His parents had never heard of our company and never were able to find one for him. In the words of Kyle, "He came to our booth and when he saw the cross his eyes lit up and I’ve never seen a kid get more excited for one of our products". 

Check out the picture from this moment below:

Round Rock, Texas

While severe weather delayed our arrival time in Round Rock, we were able to make it to Texas and meet the participants in the 2019 Round Rock All-American Games. In the words of BL101 Content Director, Josh Gerson: "The Round Rock All-American event was an awesome baseball atmosphere. We met so many fans of the brand as well as a ton of people that visited our store in Omaha, Nebraska for the College World Series. It's always great being around people that love baseball as much as we do!"

Check out our set-up at the Round Rock Event here:

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

In Myrtle Beach, the BL101 team went to the beach with the Baseball Youth team and participants in the 2019 Myrtle Beach All-American Games.

Check out the video below:


Ocean City, Maryland

In Ocean City, BL101 Owner, Bill Rom, threw BP to everyone on the 2023 Team Freedom. The following day, Bill also participated in the Baseball Youth All-American Games Home-Run Derby, by throwing pitches to Andrew from the 2023 Freedom.

Check out the GoPro footage of Bill in the Home-Run Derby below:

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