BL101 Summer Gift Guide for Baseball Apparel and Baseball shirts

BL101 Summer Gift Guide

Summer brings its own sort of style to it, and this year's Summer Collection from Baseball LIfestyle 101 doesn’t disappoint. Getting awesome new clothes for summer is something to look forward to and has the best! Grab some baseball shirts for yourself or get a baseball gift for your favorite baseball player!

Summer Collection- Baseball shirts

Baseball Lifestyle continues to put out the best baseball shirts available!  

Best Baseball Shirt Best Pine Tar Baseball Tshirt

The Pine Tar Tee is one of the new baseball shirts available for summer.  This black t-shirt features a pine tar air freshener hanging from a rearview mirror.  

Not every baseball player uses pine tar, but they certainly all know what it is.  Using pine tar to improve the grip on your bat is a popular practice for many casual and professional baseball players.  

Best Baseball shirt in baseball apparel

The Swing It Tee is great for all baseball fans.  This royal blue baseball shirt is perfect for just hanging out over the summer.  Always premium quality baseball apparel, this shirt is ready for a fun summer! 

Either of these baseball shirts is sure to be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.  

Summer Collection- Swim Trunks

Arguably the best part of summer is trips to the beach or dips in the pool, so some good swim trunks are a necessity.  Luckily, Baseball LIfestyle is giving you options this summer!

Best swim trunks in baseball apparel

The BSBL-SZN swim trunks are essential for the summer.  These simple swim trunks are available in three colors, but the red BSBL-SZN swim trunks are a must-have to get attention this summer. 

Best swim trunks in baseball apparel and baseball shorts

Baseball Lifestyle just dropped the Tidal Wave Swim Trunks and they are as hot as this summer will be!  These light blue swim trunks are perfect for whatever summer activities you have planned.  Lightweight and with mesh pockets, and an elastic waistband with drawcord, these swim trunks will last you for many summers!

All of the swim trunks from are high quality and lightweight material that will hold up great no matter how many times you hit the beach this summer!

Summer Collection- Baseball Slides

Baseball slides

Baseball Lifestyle is pretty much known for their baseball slides and they have dropped another awesome pair for the summer. These royal blue slides feature the saying, Grippin’ Seams and Chasin’ Dreams, basically the life story of every baseball player! 

Baseball Lifestyle has become known for their baseball slides for a reason- they’re the best. The Grippin’ Seams and Chasin’ Dreams slides are a necessity for your summer wardrobe!  They are the most comfortable, the most durable, and the best looking slide out there! 

Summer Collection- Tidal Wave

Best Baseball shirt in baseball apparel tie-dye

Summer is the perfect time for some relaxation.  This tie dye tee definitely gives off a relaxed vibe.  No two shirts are exactly alike, making this Tidal Wave Tee an awesome addition to your summer wardrobe.

Best baseball hoodie in baseball apparel

Everyone needs a plain gray hoodie and this Tidal Wave Hoodie is that with a little baseball flair.  This solid gray hoodie just features a simple BL101 logo- just enough to highlight your love for baseball.

Summer Collection- Baseball Lifestyle

If you’re looking for the best baseball apparel, especially items to add to your summer wardrobe, the summer collection from Baseball Lifestyle is the ultimate in baseball fashion!  They would make the best baseball gift for any celebration you're having this summer! 


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