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Best Easter Gifts- 2022

Looking for the perfect Easter gifts? Look no further than Baseball Lifestyle 101. This springtime holiday is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care by giving them an Easter gift that celebrates their favorite pastime.

Whether you're shopping for a die-hard fan or someone who's just getting started in the baseball world, we've got something for everyone.

Best Baseball Hat Baseball Trucker Hat

Buzz the Tower Hat

This classic baseball hat is perfect for any Easter egg hunt or for completing any baseball player's outfit.  BL101’s Buzz the Tower hat comes in several colorways, but the white hat with red seams is the best baseball hat for a huge baseball fan! 

Baseball Jacket Ghost Windbreaker

Ghost Windbreaker

Spring weather can be unpredictable and this lightweight jacket is the perfect accessory to throw in your backpack in case it gets chilly. The Ghost Windbreaker is perfect for keeping your loved ones warm in the stands while they watch you during baseball practice or a game.

Baseball bat chain Baseball Cross Chain Baseball Necklace

Stainless Steel Bat Cross or Gold Stainless Bat Cross

These baseball bat crosses are perfect for any Easter celebration and make great gifts for Christian baseball players. The bat cross is a unique way to show your faith and your love of the game of baseball. These are made from a durable stainless steel.

Baseball bat cross chain Baseball necklace

Sterling Bat Cross

This .925 sterling silver baseball bat cross is the perfect gift for any Christian baseball player. It's a beautiful way to show your Christian values, while still showcasing your love of baseball. This is an Easter gift that will be remembered and kept forever!

Baseball Number pendant Baseball Necklace

Jersey Number Pendants

A number pendant gives you the chance to show off your baseball number. It's the perfect way to show your support for your team while also getting a little bit of personalization. These stainless steel baseball number pendants are the best baseball gifts for baseball players!

Baseball Apparel Baseball Hoodie Baseball Sweat shorts Baseball hat

Spring Collection

Our BL101 spring collection is here and is perfect for any baseball fan. This fresh Spring line includes tees, hat, hoodie and shorts that are perfect for the baseball season.  Anything from the spring collection would make a great Easter gift this year! 

  • The Stay Hungry tee is available in both Adult and Youth sizes. Nobody gets better without putting in the work. Stay hungry for improvement and you’ll keep getting better! This is a great Easter gift for that baseball player that needs to be reminded to keep pushing themselves towards greatness. 
  • The Grapefruit long sleeve tee is also available in both Adult and Youth Sizes. This crew neck long sleeve tee features bright colors and reps BSBL Lifestyle.  This is the perfect t-shirt to throw on for a nighttime baseball practice when the sun is down and the temp has dropped a little. 
  • The new Grapefruit camo sweat shorts are the best athletic shorts for spring training.  These lightweight sweat shorts feature a light camo pattern with an elastic waistband and drawcord.  These sweat shorts are the perfect Easter gift for anyone looking for comfort without sacrificing style!
  • The Grapefruit trucker hat is the perfect accessory for baseball fans or baseball players.  The orange and green colors seen throughout the BL101 Spring Collection really pop on this trucker hat.  No outfit this Spring is complete without the Grapefruit trucker hat. 
  • Hoodies are arguably the greatest article of clothing to exist.  Comfort, functionality and style, and the Grapefruit hoodie does not disappoint.  This Grapefruit hoodie is one of the best baseball gifts that you can give this Easter

Baseball Bracelet Baseball cross Power Bracelet

Power Bracelets

These power bracelets are the perfect gift for any baseball player. They are simple, durable, and make the best Easter gift for baseball players and fans. All of the silicone beads are baseballs, with one featuring a cross on each side. This baseball bracelet is a great reminder of the power we gain by including faith in our lives.

Easter Gifts- Baseball Edition

We hope that you enjoy our Easter gifts. We know that you'll love everything that we have to offer, whether you're a fan of baseball or just looking for a unique Easter gift for the baseball player in your life!

No matter what kind of Easter gifts you're looking for, Baseball Lifestyle 101 has you covered. Be sure to check out our website, for more information.

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