Interview with a Baseball Mom: Teisha Vest of @theartistboys

Interview with a Baseball Mom: Teisha Vest of @theartistboys

What’s it like having your son be famous in baseball?

It’s exciting to see that they’re being recognized for what they’re good at. The account started as a modeling account for my oldest, but he no longer wanted to model. We wanted to keep it going, so we transitioned it into something all of my boys were really passionate about, which is baseball. Since I transitioned over to baseball, it has been a positive change.

What’s your number one baseball mom hack?

Be supportive. Their dad is the go, go, go side and the pusher, but I try to just be supportive. I’m that mom giving them hugs in the dugout .

What’s your most and least favorite thing about baseball?

Most: My kids play every sport, but the team camaraderie that comes with baseball is the thing I love most. Their teammates are the ones they miss the most, they’re their best friends. Baseball just brings such a different atmosphere, they want to win as a team and it just brings such great camaraderie. 

Least: The aggressive parents on the other team. When you go to a game and see the parents who are screaming at a group of 10 year olds. Sometimes you just want to tell them to take it down a notch. 

Who yells more at games: you or your husband?

My husband is their coach so he is talking to them a lot during the game. No matter what sport it is, my husband is definitely more invested in the game then I am. I’m a scholastics nerd so school is where I become more intense.  

What’s the moment you most embarrassed your son at baseball?

One of my sons has a bit of a temper and he was pitching in one of the games. He didn’t like the call and he threw his mitt. I walked into the dugout and informed the coach that he needed to pull him off the field. I think that was both of our most embarrassing moments. 

What’s your favorite baseball memory?

My kids just won the Super NIT championship in February and they play on the same team. My son Kinkade, was the starting pitcher in the championship and Tennyson, went 4 for 4 at bat  that game. They both received the MVP. It was awesome to see them both exceling. Just getting to watch the two of them play together and work together on the same team is great. Even during quarantine, it’s still working out because they have each other to work with all the time.

What is your favorite sideline snack?

Probably bubblegum, I’m not a big snacker.

Teisha Vest. I graduated college in Sports Broadcasting and I worked for the local AAA baseball team as the Director of On-field Promotions and Marketing. I’m a Professor now at BYU where I teach communications courses. I have three boys that all play baseball and they are my life.

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