Interview with Kyle Schulz of MLW

Interview with Kyle Schulz of MLW

While we wait for the baseball season to start, we've been spending our time watching the opening games of the 2020 MLW Season. BL101 Marketing Director and self-proclaimed Mallards super-fan, Melissa, sat down to interview MLW founder Kyle Schulz about his hopes for the upcoming season, highlights from the past, and his dream draft pick.

What do you hope to see in the 2020 MLW Season? 

While still taking as many precautionary measures as possible to keep everyone safe, we look to be an exciting source of entertainment in the sports world at this crazy time. We look to be something people look forward to watching each week on YouTube.

What was it like having the season delayed?
It's a cliche term I know but "unprecedented". It was something we never dealt with remotely so it was an adjustment for sure in terms of scheduling, content strategy, public events, etc.

What are some of your favorite MLW Memories from the last 11 seasons?
So many memories come to mind but hosting the out-of-state tournaments and traveling with my best friends for wiffle ball is probably the best. Meeting fans who've been with us since the start also blows my mind and how much they know about the league. And lastly, the very early stages of the league (2010-2011) were the best when we were just kids with no responsibilities and all we did was play wiffle ball practically every day in the summer.

Do you ever feel sad that you aren’t a Mallard?

For those who don’t know, how did MLW start?
It stemmed from me, my two brothers, and two neighbors simply playing pickup wiffleball in my front yard in the summer of 2009. And then, that ensuing winter, we looked more into the sport of wiffle ball and prepared for an organized season in 2010 with a full schedule, pro looking field, and online presence.

Who do you feel was the strongest addition to your team’s roster?
Gotta go with Michael Aguilar who is a second-year player who we just traded for in the offseason. Great pitcher.

If you could draft any person into MLW, who would it be and why? (As much as I would very much love to be chosen, I can understand that my utter lack of athleticism disqualifies me from any participation in professional sports)
Phenomenal question. I'm going to go with Alex Rodriguez because A.) He's retired and this is his chance to relive his glory days B.) We don't test for steroids C.) He can bring J-Lo to our games to sing the National Anthem and our views would skyrocket.

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