Sportscenter Features MLW Wiffle Ball

Sportscenter Features MLW Wiffle Ball

On Sunday, August 26th, Sportscenter featured a video of MLW Wiffle Ball’s World Series. Baseball Lifestyle 101 is the sponsor of MLW Wiffle Ball, and the back wall in left field was provided by Baseball Lifestyle 101. MLW Wiffle Ball is one of our favorite partners as they consistently create amazing content that ranges from impressive to hilarious. We love to see our BL101 Player of the Day and watch the game highlights as they come out. Every Baseball Lifestyle 101 team member has a favorite MLW Wiffle Ball team, and we are serious in our rivalries. We were so excited to see MLW Wiffle Ball get attention on Sportscenter. We can’t wait for next season!


I’m just trying to get picked by the downtown dimandbacks

Lil Christian Dorado

I love the content and want to be like y’all one day

Chase griffin

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