Our Top 10 Baseball Movies of All Time

Our Top 10 Baseball Movies of All Time

While everybody is stuck at home we thought it was a good idea to compile some of the best baseball movies of all time. So we set out to put a list together that can get anybody through a weekend inside. These are our favorites:

10. The Bad News Bears

Hard-drinking Walter Mattahu agrees to coach one of California’s worst little league baseball teams, the Bears. He goes on to recruit Amanda Whurlitzer, the twelve year old daughter of his ex-girlfriend who then becomes the team's ace pitcher. Eventually, the Bears turn it around and make it to the championship game. This movie is a classic which eventually brought on two sequels and a 2005 remake. 

9. Eight Men Out

Based off of one of the biggest scandals in Baseball history, John Cusack and Charlie Sheen get their first start in a baseball movie. Eight Men Out is a great retelling of the story of the 1919 Chicago White Sox. 

8. A League of Their Own

Based on the real All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which happened during World War Two. The cast includes Tom Hanks as the washed up team manager. alongside Genna Davis, Lori Petty, Rosie O’Donnell, and Madonna on the Peaches roster. This is where the iconic quote “There’s no crying in baseball” came from.

7. The Natural 

Debuted in 1984, Robert Redford plays Roy Hobbs, who gets shot at a young age, ending his baseball career, only to return back to playing 16 year later to help the New York Knights to victory. Known as one of the most iconic baseball scenes, Roy hits a homerun that destroys the outfield lights, showering Roy in sparks as he rounds the bases. Did you know in the book The Natural is based on, Roy actually strikes out at the end?

6. 42

Chadwick Boseman, widely known for his role in the movie Black Panther, actually got his first leading role in this movie. Playing Jackie Robinson, he shows what it was like for Jackie Robinson to break the racial barrier in baseball. 

5. Major League

When it comes to a classic, Major League is my personal favorite. The Cleveland Indians are taken over by a new owner who wants to move the team to Florida, but in order to do so, she needs the team to be the worst in the league. This movie has a great cast of Charlie Sheen and Bob Uecker who does the play-by-play. If you are looking for a baseball comedy start here.

4. Moneyball

Based on the 2002 Oakland A’s, lead Brad Pitt plays the role of Billy Beane, the A’s general manager. For anybody who is looking for a movie that gives you a better understanding of how baseball is today with all of its analytics and stat-based metrics, Moneyball is the perfect movie. Both Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill received an Oscar nomination for their roles and the film was nominated for Best Picture.

3. The Sandlot

It was hard not to put this one number one or two. The Sandlot is a classic for any baseball kid growing up. This movie shows baseball in its purest form, with the movie following Scotty Smalls, a kid who moves to a new neighborhood. He learns the ways of baseball through his new friends- but then learns way more about life after he loses his father’s Babe Ruth signed ball. Known for its iconic lines like “You’re killing me, Smalls” and every young boy's first crush Wendy Peffercorn. 

2. Field of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come” might be the most iconic line in baseball movie history. Kevin Costner made his return after the movie Bull Durham. An Iowa farmer hears a voice in his head tell him to build a baseball field and spoiler alert, they do come, including “Shoeless” Joe Jackson And the 1919 Chicago White Sox. This movie truly captures the legacy and spirit of the game of baseball.

1. Bull Durham

This 1988 movie has stood the test of time as one of the best baseball movies EVER made. Kevin Costner who plays Crash Davis is a veteran minor league catcher. He is sent down to the single-A Durham Bulls, a struggling mediocre team. Tasked to mentor a hot shot pitcher it’s a clash of two big egos. There may be an argument for the top spot in our movie list but no matter what Kevin Costner takes the cake.

Here are some honorable mentions for our list: The Benchwarmers, Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield, The Rookie, 61.

We hope you enjoyed this list, grab some popcorn and start your baseball movie marathon. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites via social media. It’s more than a game; it’s a lifestyle.


All great baseball movies but your 1 and 2 are reversed on my list.

Jack Mohler
Bogus List

1. Pride of the Yankees
2. It Happens Every Spring
3.Safe at Home
4. Fear Strikes Out
5 Jackie Robinson

You Guys Missed so Many It’s Hard to List Them!!! :-D

Jim Thompson

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