Top 5 Baseball YouTubers

Top 5 Baseball YouTubers

As we leave the first month of social distancing, you may start running out of baseball related activities to spend your time on. We put together a list of our favorite baseball YouTubers to watch while you wait for the season to start:


MLW or Major League Wiffleball, is a Baseball Lifestyle 101 favorite. Whether you root for the Mallards or the Preds, you can guarantee that you’ll have a great time watching game footage, post-game interviews, and highlights. While you watch, be sure to look out for the Baseball Lifestyle 101 logo on the outfield wall. 


Whether you like watching baseball related content, video game streaming, or both, you can find it on Fuzzy’s channel. Fuzzy was even a character in MLB The Show ‘19. We especially loved when he reviewed our baseball hats.


If you’re looking for off-the-field content about your favorite major league baseball players, Momentum is where to find it. Owned by Trevor Bauer, Momentum produces documentaries, interviews, and more with your favorite players. 

Jomboy Media

This one is for our 18 and older followers. Jomboy Media produces comedy sports coverage that may be just what you need to get through this time. Check out their latest series where they provide commentary on what is quite possibly the last sport standing: battle bots.

Baseball Lifestyle 101

You didn’t think we could end the list without adding Baseball Lifestyle did you? Check out our YouTube channel for vlogs, skits, and more.

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