BL101 Holiday Gift Guide 2023

BL101 Holiday Gift Guide 2023


Love all our baseball 101 things. My grandson does too !!! He has a birthday 12-22 and of course Christmas is almost here. I want to order a hoodie so a gift box Woolf be great ! Do y’all plan on including them with Christmas orders ?? Would love it if y’all had a baseball Nana shirt. I have a couple of the shirts and a short sleeve hoodie. Love them

Linda Jernigan

I would really like to know how to get a hold of the holiday gift boxes. I have 3 kids in different age levels playing and would love to surprise them with something specific for each of them

Andrew Burke

I was wondering how you get a gift box and i would really like a gift box because Ive been wanting bl101 merch for the longest now and i would really like a gift box


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