Mariano Rivera Reacts to Becoming the First Unanimous Hall of Famer

Mariano Rivera Reacts to Becoming the First Unanimous Hall of Famer

On Wednesday night, Mariano Rivera became the first player to unanimously be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He kept his normal calm demeanor when he got the news of his election, but lost this mind when he found out he was a unanimous selection.


Mariano Rivera has made a career on being calm and collected in the big moments. There wasn’t a game or situation that seemed to bother the right-hander, not even the World Series. But a simple phone call has finally brought out a side of Rivera that many fans have not seen.

When Jack O’Connell of the Baseball Writers Association of America called to tell Rivera that he had been elected to the Hall of Fame, Rivera kept his normal composure. But O’Connell had more news, which caused Rivera and his family to erupt with happiness.



There were many congratulations directed towards Rivera for his outstanding accomplishment, including former teammates and even his competitors. But the coolest shout out Rivera received came from the band that gave him his nickname.



Mariano Rivera will go down in history as the first player to be elected unanimously to the Hall of Fame. He might be joined next year my his longtime teammate, Derek Jeter, who will likely emote the same calm and collected reaction as Rivera.

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