Top 5 Baseball Activities To Do at Home

Top 5 Baseball Activities To Do at Home

With baseball on pause indefinitely, and social distancing impacting our ability to play the game we love, we put together a list of things you can do to still live the baseball lifestyle in this time.

MLB The Show

MLB The Show was released just a few weeks ago, and if you’re looking for something to do while spending your time inside, we can’t recommend it enough. Whether you play alone or with friends, or just follow along with your favorite streamer on Twitch, MLB the Show 20 is one of our favorite ways to pass the time right now. 

Looking for a streamer to watch? Check out IamTrevorMay, Blake Snell or watch the tournament currently being hosted by MLB.

Watch Baseball Movies

A few days ago, we released our top ten list of baseball movies that can get anybody through a weekend inside. Check out the list here.

Tune into a Baseball Lifestyle 101 Live Stream

Do you want to have your questions answered by your favorite baseball personalities? Tune into a Baseball Lifestyle 101 Live Stream. Most nights at 8 pm EST on Instagram, we go live with your favorite people in the baseball world, fielding your questions in real time. Check out videos from everyone ranging from MLB All-Star Trevor Bauer to MLB Network Host Eric Byrnes. 

Work on your hitting/pitching in your backyard 

No matter what resources you have on hand or the space you have available, there are drills you can do from home. Whether you focus on tee work, mirror work, or just watch game footage and take notes, you can spend this time improving your game, even if it is off the field.

Do Home Workouts

With everyone being stuck at home, there are so many resources for at-home workouts. YouTube has a ton of options, and some home workout companies are offering extended free trials to help get us through this time. 

What are you doing during quarantine to stay connected to the game? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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